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Cooperazione allo sviluppo


Cooperazione allo sviluppo

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Cooperation with Kenya, East Africa’s biggest economy, has always been a priority for the Italian Government. Over the last 30 years, Kenya has benefited from 134 million Euros in grants and 99 million Euros in soft loan from Italy. Italy supports the Government of Kenya in its efforts to develop key social sectors and to implement the country’s development agenda, whose objectives are stated in the strategic document Kenya Vision 2030. The initiatives implemented by the Italian Development Cooperation are fully consistent with the principles of aid effectiveness: they are implemented by the relevant line Ministries and use national management systems.

Italy is the first country having undertaken a debt-for-development-swap operation with Kenya. The Kenya Italy Debt for Development Programme (KIDDP) was signed in 2006 with the aim of supporting the Kenyan Government to reduce its external debt burden while at the same time sustaining its efforts towards achieving the development targets set by the national policies and Millennium Development Goals. The Programme converts eligible Official Development Assistance (ODA) bilateral debt owed by the Kenyan Government to the Italian Government into financial resources to implement development projects for a total amount of 4.4 Billion Kshs (44 million Euro) over a period of ten years. Since the inception of the Programme more than 4 billion shillings (35.7 million Euros) have been committed to development initiatives. Up to the FY 2014/2015, 100 projects have been implemented through the relevant ministries.

In addition to the debt-swap programme, the bilateral technical and financial cooperation provided by the Italian Government focuses on the following priority areas: Water and Sanitation, Agriculture and Rural Development, Slum Upgrading and Human Development. A new initiative is being finalized in the area of Renewable Energy, in the sector of Geothermal Energy.

In the Water and Sanitation sector, 46 rural water supply projects are currently funded through the KIDDP. Moreover, Italy is granting a soft loan of 3.7 billion shillings (33.4 million Euros) for the extension of the aqueducts fed by the Kirandich and Kiambere dams. This initiative will benefit approximately 150,000 inhabitants. In addition to the extension of the water distribution systems already laid, the loan also foresees the construction of sewerage systems in Kabarnet and Mwingi.

As for the sector Agriculture and Rural Development, a soft loan of 1 billion shillings (9.2 million Euro) is granted for the extension of the irrigation scheme in Sigor, built over the years thanks to the collaboration of the Italian Development Cooperation with the Kerio Valley Development Authority, which will increase the total irrigated area of the scheme up to 800 hectares. The Project, whose objective is the improvement of rural incomes and food security by developing the agricultural systems, has also a positive impact on stability of the area in terms of peace building between different ethnics groups living in Pokot District.

In the field of Slum Upgrading and Human Development the Italian Cooperation, through the KIDDP, finances two initiatives, which are in line with the government policy and with MDG No. 7: the Korogocho Slum Upgrading Programme (KSUP) and the Kilifi Slum Upgrading, which aim at improving the living conditions of the slum residents and enhancing their socio-economic welfare through participatory planning and management of the upgrading process. The activities implemented are part of a sustainable integrated strategy which encompasses land tenure and infrastructure, health, education, and security, employment and income generation, capacity building.

During the past 30 years the Italian Development Cooperation has been supporting the Civil Society in Kenya. Particularly, during the triennium 2013-2015 more than 11 million Euros have been allocated to co-finance projects implemented by Italian NGOs in Kenya, in the sectors of ‘Rural Development and Food Security’, ‘Water and Sanitation’, ‘Health’; ‘Promotion of Children Rights and Education’.

Finally, the Italian Development Cooperation is currently financing the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) – for a total of 4.700.000 Euro – to carry out regional and country-specific projects in the sectors of Agribusiness Development and Food Security.

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